Friday, May 27, 2016

Expanding Expression Tool (EET)

As the school year is winding down and you are thinking about all of the new things to include in your daily routine next year keep reading!!! The Expanding Expression Tool is an AMAZING resource that has helped my students become not only better writers but better communicators too.

The Expanding Expression Tool or EET is used as a multi-sensory approach to improve oral and written language. what does it look like and how does it work? Let's check it out.....

What it looks like?: 


How does it work?:
Each part of the EET serves a purpose. Check out the chart below to see what each color stands for.

How can you use this to improve oral and/or written language?

1st- Select an item
2nd- have a student describe it
3rd- introduce EET
4th- have the student describe the item again and be amazed!!

Example: You show the student penguin. They may say it's an animal that lives in the cold. After introducing EET the student will be able to share a lot more about the penguin. They will be able to tell you.....

       green/group: Animal
       blue/do: swim, walk/waddle, eat, lay eggs
       what does it look like?: black and white
       what is it made of?: comes from an egg
       pink/parts: flippers, bill, feathers, neck, eyes, webbed feet, claws
       white/where: Antarctica, zoo
       what else do you know?: males sit on eggs, mates for life, waddle and swim

As the students get used to this their overall oral and written language will improve tremendously. You can use this tool in a variety of ways including, direct instruction, para led station, writing center, homework and more!!

After my students were comfortable with EET, I set up an EET station in my classroom in lieu of my traditional writing center.

You can even differentiate within EET. You may have some students who are just working on stating 1 word answers, but you can also have students practice responding in full sentences. 

Student 1 Example: Green/Group: animal
Student 2 Example: Green/Group: The penguin belongs to the animal group.

Overall, EET has been an amazing tool for my students and a wonderful additional to my classroom. We use this resource but you can also check out Teachers Pay Teachers for more. Or you can check out the original kit here!

I hope you are able to implement EET into your day next year!!

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