Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Velcro Piece Organization

I know I am not the only one who has spent hours prepping materials. Printing, laminating, cutting and velcroing. You set everything up in your classroom so it is picture ready and then......they come!

The kids who are excited about learning and using all of the cool materials you have made. One thing I have learned about kids during all of my years of working with them is no matter how much you "train" them, there is still that possibility that not all of your little velcro pieces get put back exactly where you intended them to be. Keep reading to see how I organize all of my velcro pieces. This post will show you how I organize my awesome monthly themed binders from Melissa over at Autism Adventures!!

Step One: Prep all of your mateirals as you normally would.

Step Two: I label all of my title pages with numbers 1-12. I label mine in the bottom right corner. Here is binder #5.

Step 3: Label all of the pages of that binder using a decimal system. For example since all of the pages belong in binder number 5, they will all be labeled with 5.__. Here is an example of how I labeled page 6.

Step 4: Label all of the velcro pieces associated with that page with the same exact number.

Step 5: Do this with every binder.

Now I am not going to lie, this does add a few extra minutes onto your prep but......when this happens

You don't have to guess where the pieces go. You know exactly what binder and page they belong to.

What organizations systems do you use for your binder/velcro tasks?

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