Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Are you looking for new and engaging ways to incorporate comprehension and Next Gen. learning into your classroom? Well....then I have the answer for you.

Kahoot! is an interactive online tool that allows you to upload questions on any topic you are wanting to assess your students on. I use it mostly for reading comprehension but you could also use it for a pre-test, review or post test.

You simply go to and create a free account. You can then start uploading your questions. What I love most about this is you don't have to include 4 answers. You can tailor it to meet your students needs. I typically have 3 choices per question. You can also adjust the amount of time your students have to answer. I do the maximum amount of 120 seconds. Once completed you are ready to start assessing your students.

Your kids will need their own device (computer or iPod/Pad/Phone) and they will visit  and put in the game code that appears on your screen.

Once the students are all in, you will hit start on your main device (computer/SmartBoard). The question will ONLY appear on the main device. You will have a short amount of time to read this, so I usually read the question and choices aloud. The student will then only have the color/shape boxes on their device (no words). They can select their answer. The faster they answer the more "points" they are awarded....if the answer is correct.

The kids will repeat this process until all of the questions are answered.

I love using Kahoot because it is super fun and engaging for the students AND it is not hard to make. The best thing is Kahoot stores all of your assessments on your account. So what does that mean for you? Use this summer to create assessments to use with your kids next year! If you don't have books with you at home consider looking at Storyline Online videos. These are great and you can even use these in your lessons next year!!

Sign up for your free Kahoot! here. If you end up making a fun Kahoot! consider sharing it with me.

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