Saturday, August 29, 2015

Choice Cabinet Organization (Promoting Independence)

Do you ever have that moment at the beginning of the year before students arrive when you look around your classroom and smile? Everything is put in its place, pencils are sharpened and your cabinets are organized!! I have those moments too, it makes me feel like a kid on Christmas.

But before we know it our students have entered the room and have made it their home. The pencils are now dull, nothing is put in its place and those cabinets just make you want to pull your hair out. Well friends not anymore. I have found a way to keep my choice cabinets neat and organized while still allowing the students to be independent.

I start off by organizing my cabinet how I want it. I put the math games together, I have a section for reading games, puzzles, fun stuff etc. I then start to label the shelves with different color stickers. I use yard sale stickers but anything you have multiple of will work. I then put the same color sticker on all of the games/toys in that section.

(puzzles are green)

(reading games are red)

(math games are orange)

Now when the kids take their choices out they can independently put them back in the correct spot. I love setting up my cabinets like this because it teaches my students about organization. I teach life skills so this is a perfect opportunity for my students to practice :). 

Now if you're like me you may have more sections of "stuff" than you do stickers. So I just switched the shape of the sticker. 
(green circle is Play-Doh)

Ahh! Doesn't this just make you want to smile :). Being organized not only helps my OCD but it makes for a nice calming environment.

(nice and organized...makes the teacher happy:))

How do you organize your choice cabinets? Does it promote independence? 

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