Monday, July 6, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge #3: Make Your Masterpiece

For this weeks #TPTSellerChallenge we had to "Make Our Masterpiece". I have been wanting to make personal information binders for months now and felt that this was the perfect opportunity. For this personal info binder I made it completely EDITABLE!! I have included 2 PowerPoint Versions and a Keynote version. Having the editable document allows you to save time, ink, laminate and paper.

Most of the binder requires some work to personalize it but I did include a no prep version for students who need the practice but do not need the support of visuals and hands on materials. For this version you can print enough copies for the entire year and place them in a binder (don't forget to select hole punch when making copies). If that is too overwhelming for your kiddos, print a ton of copies, store them in your room and allow your kids to add their completed pages to their binders. That way their work is still stored in one location.

I am SOOOO excited about this next version....The Prep Version is COMPLETELY EDITABLE!!!! So what does that mean for you? It means you save time, laminate, paper and colored ink. I have bought and downloaded personal info binders in the past and don't get me wrong they were great and did end up working but...I spent entirely too much time printing the ENTIRE document 12 times. I them laminated everything, cut everything out and then had to sort through the millions of pieces trying to build each students individual binders. Now that I have an editable version I can pull student info onto 2 pages, print (only the pieces I need), laminate and cut. Now all of the pieces I need for one student is in one section.

If you do not have access to laminate or a binding machine here is another way you may be able to store them.

Adding a colored page behind the main page helps create a visual barrier for the kids. Storing the choices on one page and the answers on the other also create another separation for the students. For added difficultly make the field of choices larger. Adding additional months, days and years will have the students truly mastering the information verses just memorizing the order when they have an errorless field of choices.

For the address editable page, your can type right into the boxes provides. Copy all of the boxes and paste them into the "address page". You could also just print the page after you type it in and then delete the info after you print to add another students information.

(The page shown is the "main page" where the student will place their answers...I have not shown the editable document in yet.)

For fun I added an Important People page. You can choose to put pictures of the students family and/or teachers. To add more difficultly also have the names of the people for the student to match. This is a great way for the students to remember everyone in their life who has a daily impact!

These personal information binders are something I use daily in my classroom. They do usually take me DAYS to put together but with this new editable version my time will be cut in half!

Here are some pictures of the EDITABLE document!

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