Thursday, July 9, 2015

Work Task Labels

Students with autism heavily depend on structured work systems and 3 bin work tasks are one way to achieve this. I have created some Work Task Labels to help you kick start your structured classroom work system. All students can benefit from this system so don't think it is only for students with autism.

Here's how it works!


 1) Decide how many "systems" you want in your room. I have 4, 3 students who have their own and then I have 1 system that 4 students share. The "systems" themselves take up a lot of space so really think about how you will have your classroom set up. Also think about your schedule, if you can have students share stations that saves space. **When sharing stations be sure the kids are working on the same skills, there is someone to reset the station when each student is done, the students schedules do not overlap.

2)  Set up the furniture. The 3 bin tower should be on the left of the desk. I include a basket on top for
file folder tasks. This isn't needed, I just like to include monthly theme folders to add a bit of variety to the work system.

3)  Print out all of the labels, laminate, cut and get your velcro ready!

4)  Choose the color you want your first system to have. Attach the big square labels to each drawer of the bin tower. The order of the labels does not matter, however make sure your consistent with
these throughout your room. I like to put them in order from "easiest to hardest". I think about it in terms of how I want my work set up. Circles are easy to make so I put an easy task in the top drawer, Squares are a little harder so I put harder work and stars are the hardest to make so I put the hardest activity last. This helps the students build up and increase their work stamina.

5)  Attach the work task schedule card somewhere near the bins. I keep mine on the corner of the desk but you could put it on the wall in front of the desk if possible. Add hard velcro to the square   boxes. Put soft velcro on the backs of the small icons.


1) Tell student it is time to work. You can do this however you have it set up in your classroom. My students have individual schedules so when they see "the 3 bin visual" they go to their 3 bin station.

2) The student then checks their work task schedule and pulls off the first visual.

3) Next they match it to the appropriate basket or drawer.

4) Then they pull out the folder or whatever task you have for them to work on.

5) They complete the work.

6) Last they put the work in the finished work basket. I like to make my basket large enough to fit a variety of tasks.

7) Then they repeat this process until their work task card is complete.

What is important about having a work task system is having your station set up to allow students to work from left to right. They start by selecting from the bin (left) working on the task (middle) and putting it in finished work (right).

You can put any tasks that you feel will benefit your students. Here are some work tasks I have on my "Work Tasks" Pinterest board. There are also many great products available on TPT, search work tasks, T.E.A.C.C.H, 3 bin tasks to get started.

You can also grab the work task labels seen in this post here! 

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