Thursday, October 29, 2015

Incorporating Language Arts into Independent Centers

Let's face it, our jobs are tough and as much as we want to teach whole group it can be difficult! I am ALWAYS looking for activities that my students can work on independently. I had to find ways to keep my kids busy while I worked with their classmates. I came up with this fun and differentiated language arts activity that can be used in a variety of ways.

With this alphabet writing activity students can work on a variety of reading and writing skills depending on their level.

Students can sort words into different categories. For vowels they can sort initial sounds, long and short vowels. For consonants they can sort initial and ending sounds. Depending on the independent level of your students you can pick and choose what you want them to do. Some ways I use them are: sorting all words into all of the categories, reading words for 1 category and saying them into the iPad (or other voice recording device), direct matching words.

After students complete the reading portion I have them write onto the appropriate leveled sheet. I have 3 levels to select from.

Level 1-On this level students write down exactly what they see. I use this level for my students who are working on letter formation and building their writing attitudes. This activity takes the "thinking" out of writing. This level also includes boxes for the students to write in so they have a defined/outlined writing space.

Level 2- On this level students will still write down exactly what they see like in level 1 but there are 3 more spaces for them to add words that match the sound they are working on. I use this level for my students who are able to do limited independent work. This level also includes the boxes for a defined writing space.

Level 3: For this level students will continue to copy exactly that they sorted but they will have to come up with 6 additional words to match the sort. I use this for my highest level of independent workers. This level does not have writing boxes. Instead I have only included a line.

If you have those kids who are great independent workers and finish early ALL of the levels have the opportunity for coloring :)

Grab Letter A writing/sorting here to try it out in your class!

If you want to purchase the entire product check it out here!

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