Monday, June 23, 2014

Modifying Assignments Using Photos

I love incorporating tasks into my classroom that students can use over and over. I like this for a couple of reasons. One being that the students are able to develop a routine and can build independence and second, they are a time saver! After all we are already busy writing IEP's, attending meetings, tracking data, dealing with behaviors, managing support staff, oh and teaching :)

Even though I love incorporating routine tasks into my classroom, some of them are not appropriate for all of my students. This past year I had a very large range of abilities in my classroom and it was my goal to get them all completing the same tasks. I felt they were all capable and it was up to me to figure out how.

I found some awesome tasks from Sasha over at The Autism Helper that were a perfect addition to my classroom. I love these tasks because I can use them with all of my students. I have some of my students do these activities the traditional way, by sorting, writing and turning in their finished work (paper). While I have some of my other students, who may have difficulty with writing or are just slower in task completion, complete a modified version.  They sort, take a photo and send it to me. Here are some examples:

Traditional Completion


Modified Completion


Since I have a number of students who email me I keep a digital folder for them and pull each of their completed assignments into them for review. I actually send a copy of the digital files to their families during progress time too. If you needed to print their work that is easy too. I do this sometimes if I am displaying the work or need to add something to a portfolio.

This is a pretty simple modification as it really doesn't involve any additional work for myself (other than opening an email and dragging the photo to a folder). I will admit that some of my lower functioning students needed support to complete the sort but were able to take the photo and send it independently.

How do you modify activities in your classroom for all of you students to be able to complete at the same time?

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