Monday, June 30, 2014

Me Time Monday

On this hot, humid and gloomy Monday I have linked up with Amanda of at One Extra Degree for...

This summer has proved to be a relaxing one. I have been super busy but...I have truly enjoyed getting stuff done for me! I have been able to get stuff done around the house (inside and out), spend time with my family and friends, coach, make new products for TpT and help my husband get his business up and running. Here are some of my summer highlights so far:

The number one thing I have enjoyed is spending time with my husband. During the school year we don't get to spend quality time together because I am always working. Even when I come home at night it was extremely difficult for me to turn it off last year (it was a stressful one!). So I have really enjoyed sleeping in, snuggling, making him breakfast and watching movies. Here is a photo of us at our friends beautiful backyard vintage wedding.

I also have recently started coaching again. Before I was offered my current teaching job I coached but decided to resign to focus on teaching and my master's degree. Now that I have been in the job for a couple of years and have completed my degree I am missing something. I absolutely love coaching and it is actually my source of "therapy" throughout the year. I love working with the girls and helping them achieve their goals. Oh and I coach cheerleading :) Here is a look at one of the bows I am ordering the girls for camp...super cute right?

Something totally random but my daily must have are my Sparkling Ice drinks. I used to buy these babies for $1 a piece at Kroger but have made the amazing discovery of them being sold in an 18 pack at Sam's Club for $10. That is like getting 8 for FREE!!!

As I posted in yesterday's post my husband has started a new clip art business. We have been working a lot on marking that lately and it's really fun to see him getting excited about his work again. Check out the post here to read more.

And finally I am super excited to say that my very first Erin Condren lesson planner has been shipped. I cannot wait until it arrives and I have already purchased some new Washi Tape to spice it up. I think it was really bad that I discovered the lesson planner but and extremely excited about it!

That's my Me Time Monday...make sure to hop on over to Amanda's blog to link up!

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